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Educating for the future

By Arpana Valji from Families Magazine The World Economic Forum recently stated that 65% of today’s jobs will be non-existent for the children that entered primary school this year. The workplace of the future is going to be looking for communication skills, growth mindset, creativity, and resilience. The schools that will equip our children...

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Helping your child make friends

By Poppy O’Neill For children, social interactions and expectations can be confusing! Things like rejection, big life changes, sensitivity and shyness can impact children’s ability to make or keep friends. Without guidance, children might feel helpless and baffled by the ups and downs of friendships. But there’s a lot you can do as a parent...

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Preparing Your Child for School

If your child is starting school in September, you may be wondering how best to prepare them for this big new adventure! Firstly, don’t worry if they can’t read a word or write their own name. The ability to interact, communicate and exercise a degree of independence is actually far more important than reading or writing skills when a child starts...

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Back to school post lockdown

Back to school following lockdown Have you seen the meme featuring Hugh Grant as the prime minister in Love Actually representing parents across the country at 9.05am on 8th March?  Hilarious and in many cases true! But what are the plans, and what do we really need to know about our children returning to school?  We have asked consultant Sarah...

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Helping children sleep

Help your children sleep The end of the summer marks the start of a new school year for children across the United Kingdom.  Schools in Scotland and Wales have already started their new academic year, and within a few short days, students across England will be joining their peers in a return to the classroom.  For many children this will be the...

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Preparing for school post lockdown

Preparing for school post lockdown As parents we love our children unconditionally, we want to protect them and we are desperate for them to be happy, confident and resilient. The pandemic has created profound uncertainty for us all and this, naturally has an effect on our own and our children’s emotional health. Here are a few tips and reflections...

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Pros and cons of children going back to school

Pros and cons of children going back to school The COVID-19 coronavirus has stimulated much debate on the right courses of action to limit its spread through social distancing. The discussion considers the impacts on the economy and the education of our children. From 1st June, the government is re-opening certain year groups at schools. This...

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Coronavirus: what do to if schools close

Coronavirus: What do to if schools close The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has officially been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. There are many countries which have made the decision to close schools and colleges and cancel mass events.  The UK government have resisted pressure to do the same, and the Prime Minister, Boris...

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School Appeals Process

The schools appeal process The waiting period for school admission announcements can be an anxious time for many parents. The outcome of school applications is a big step in your child’s school life. This article helps those families who don’t get the decision that they want. If you have received the school places decision and your...

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