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Impact of poor mental health at work

Impact of mental health in the workplace This week is World Wellbeing Week, to mark this week we look at what impact poor employee mental health can have on a business and what business owners can do to support their teams. Bluntly speaking, the impact of poor mental health in the workplace can cost your business cold, hard cash.  According...

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Reflexology, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy -all alternative treatments that we have heard of, if not tried.  But there is another type of therapy that you may have dipped your toe into without even realising.  Ecotherapy aims to improve your health through engaging in outdoor activities in nature. There are a multitude of ways that this can take...

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Mental Health After Covid

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Polly Collingridge, our international wellbeing resource associate has looked at employee mental health after covid. The mental health of the nation – of all nations – has suffered during the pandemic. At the same time, we have experienced a global paradigm shift in our ways of working. As lockdown eases...

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How Nature Positively Affects Our Mental Health

Connecting with Nature is the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week on 10-16 May 2021 – with the aim to inspire more people to connect with nature and notice the impact that this connection can have for their mental health. During lockdown, millions of us turned to nature for our daily exercise. According to The Mental Health...

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Employers – Be Kind

Employers – Be Kind This week has been Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK.  With so many of us facing challenging circumstances right now, it is even more critical to be mindful of our own mental health and that of those close to us. With many campaigns over the years, aiming to remove the stigma around talking about mental health, treating...

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Mental health in the workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace Mental health is now the most common cause of sickness absence and is having a significant impact on businesses both large and small, the economy, the family and society as a whole. Even with the raised profile and openness shown by many famous people we are still not addressing the problems adequately and progress...

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