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Your Employee Wellbeing provide expert childcare search & selection support solutions for working parents. Our services are built around helping parents combine their long-term careers with the right care for their children.

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For whatever reason you need childcare, whether you are looking to return to work, make changes to your current arrangements, need help with a new baby, are relocating or need to find a school we can find the best possible childcare options for your family

Our expert team can provide step-by-step guidance on every available solution. Whether you want a nanny, childminder, or au pair or are looking for a nursery or the best school, we can help.

Our services are supplemented by professional legal and payroll support for parents who employ a nanny.  This is provided by our sister company PC Payroll & Legal.  They can help with everything from administration of payroll to pensions to drafting an employment contact. As a complete childcare solution, you can be assured of the best provider for your children, coupled with support for you throughout the process.

Considering your childcare options

When assessing your childcare options, it helps to decided which features are essential, which you would really like, and which you would like, but could live without.

Deciding which option is best for you depends on a number of factors, and the questions below can help you make this decision.

Should childcare be close to work or home?

When choosing childcare it is necessary to decide if you want your childcare to be close to your work or home, or even both if possible. If you are ill, it can be preferable to have your childcare near home so that you don’t have far to go to drop your child off. It also makes it simpler for your partner to take your child to  nursery/childminder if they do not usually do so. You can even have your childcare take place at home, by employing a nanny for example.

If you prefer that the children are cared for close to your work location, you will need to consider how long your commute takes. Finding childcare closer to work can cut down on travelling time. However, rush hour traffic and other factors may make it difficult for you to get there at a designated time. Would you be able to get there quickly in an emergency? We can help you find childcare in the perfect location, contact us today to find out more.

How to choose the right childcare?

When trying to find childcare, it will become clear that the UK market is diverse and full of choices. While this is good, it can be overwhelming to put together a childcare package with so many options on offer. Your Employee Wellbeing can help you as parents select a childcare provider who understands your parenting styles and who will fulfil all of your needs, ensuring happiness and security for both yourselves and your children.

Why should I use Your Employee Wellbeing to search for my childcare options when I can do it myself?

Searching for the best possible childcare solution is time consuming and stressful, and it is this that attracts most of our clients to us. We save you time and effort by meeting your childcare criteria and doing all of the hard work for you.

Your Employee Wellbeing offers parents a comprehensive childcare search service.

Whatever type of childcare you are looking for, we can provide clear, concise and detailed information to help you make the right choice. Maternity nurse, childminder, nursery, nanny or school, we can help find the right childcare for you.

What does a childcare search by Your Employee Wellbeing involve?

We start each search by first gaining an in-depth understanding of your childcare requirements and listening to what you have to say about you and your children.

Our expert and experienced childcare search team will then contact a wide range of childcare providers – sometimes as many as 100 or even more – to match your requirements.

We will then provide you with an in-depth childcare report which will list all available places that match your requirements and are, in the case of a school, nursery or child-minder, rated good or outstanding by Ofsted.

The report will show what each option offers, along with the distance from your home/work, with map.

Childcare options

There are a number of different options when it comes to childcare for your kids. You can choose between:

Each of these options provides certain benefits, and some are only suitable in certain circumstances. Finding the right solution for your children can feel like a daunting process. That is where we come in, at Your Employee Wellbeing, we take the stress out of finding the right childcare.

We offer comprehensive search services to find the best childminder or nursery for your family. Our expert team can handle everything for you, saving you time and stress. We work with you to determine the best childcare facilities that suit your requirements.

Let us handle the hard work and find the right childcare for you. Our extensive childcare search service provides you with concise and detailed information. You will then have everything you need to make the right choice for your children. Call the Your Employee Wellbeing Family Care team today to find out more.

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