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Recruiting a Nanny

Nannies provide childcare in your own home. They can look after children of any age and they often work flexible hours to fit in with your working hours, which is especially important if you work long or unusual hours.

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Finding a Nanny

Nannies provide childcare in your own home. They can look after children of any age and they often work flexible hours to fit in with your working hours, which is especially important if you work long or unusual hours.

Parental Choice Family Care is a nanny recruitment agency with over a decade of experience helping working families in their search for a nanny.

Parental Choice offers one of the best nanny agency experiences in the UK.   We are a one-stop shop – we can find a nanny, run all the background checks and obtain a DBS certificate when you get a nanny and our payroll team ensure you are fully compliant with all the nanny PAYE and nanny tax obligations and help with all the legal requirements.

We can help get a nanny who is perfect for your family.

Hiring and employing a nanny for your child is an important decision as the person you choose will be in charge for the hours you are away from your child so it is important that they are up to the job. For the majority of the time they will be in sole charge of your child. Whilst this will provide direct one-to one attention for your child, it is also important that as your child gets older, he or she gets the much needed social interaction from being around other children.

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How does Parental Choice find a nanny near me?

Our highly experienced team of nanny recruiters can find a nanny anywhere in the UK, from our base in South West London. 

We have a comprehensive nanny finder registration form which asks you all about your family, family life and what you are looking for in your ideal nanny.  Once completed we ask for a small £50 deposit which is refundable against our nanny recruitment agency fee.  For more information on our fees please get in touch with the team on 020 3818 1236.

The Parental Choice Family Care team service is highly personal, we do not use algorithms or computer programmes to make your match, our consultants will review your registration form and call you for an informal chat.  We find this one-to-one service effective at ensuring we have the best possible understanding of your journey to find a nanny.

As with all the best nanny recruitment agency processes, we advertise the positions across our network and cross match your requirements with our database.  We have a comprehensive database of nannies, housekeepers and childcare professionals across the UK.

Once we have identified all the candidates for your search to find a nanny which we feel are suitable, we will screen them before submitting their CVs to you.  All our nanny recruitment agency consultants are mothers themselves and have a brilliant understanding of the sensitive and often emotive decisions involved in getting the best childcare possible.

The interview

Once you have had a chance to look over our candidates’ CVs you will need to carry out an interview.  We will arrange this on your behalf, very often by telephone or more often via Facetime or Zoom.  At this stage you are working out which nanny best suits your family.  We have a list of nanny interview questions which will help you if you are not experienced in interviewing.

We are confident you will find at least one nanny which suits your family.  The next stage would be to invite your favourite candidate to meet you and your children at a face-to-face interview.  It’s very important to introduce them to the children and see how they interact with them.

Book a trial day

You will know quite quickly if your search for a nanny is over when you see them with your baby or child.  However, we do recommend having a trial day.  This is a great way for you and the nanny to get an idea if they are the best person for the job.  You have to remember it is two-way decision. The nanny needs to want to work for you, as much as you want them!

Making an offer

You are happy with your trial day and want to make and offer. 

Our nanny recruitment agency team will negotiate with the candidate on your behalf.  This will include salary, benefits and terms of employment.  Check out our PC Payroll salary calculator for an idea of what you will be paying.

Employing a nanny

Remember, when you get a nanny you become an employer and are responsible for providing good safe, working conditions, for their PAYE, if they are eligible a workplace pension and providing a legal contract.  PC Payroll can help with this.


“Parental Choice provided a friendly, responsive, supportive and highly efficient service in our search for a nanny”

“I worked with Parental Choice to get a nanny for my 5 month old baby when I returned to work full time. The team were very understanding about the requirements and trying to find a nanny that worked for our family I would definitely recommend Parental Choice for working Mums.”

Contact us today for help finding a nanny and for clear, impartial advice on what might work best for you.

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