Employee Wellbeing Programmes

  • Increase Employee Productivity, Loyalty and Morale

  • Reduce Turnover of Valued Employees

  • Attract New Talent By Being An Employer Of Choice

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Corporate wellbeing programmes help your people improve their health and wellness. The benefits are far-reaching, helping not only your employees but your business as well. Our company wellbeing programmes help enhance your team's morale, productivity, and performance by positively impacting your company culture.

Our corporate wellbeing programmes encourage workplace happiness by giving workers access to resources and information that can be leveraged to reduce work-related stress, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, burnout and many other challenges they may face in their lives

Improved loyalty, collaboration, innovation, creativity, and reduced staff turnover, absenteeism and presenteeism are achievable when you promote Overall health and wellbeing within the workplace

Our Wellbeing Programmes

Less than half (44%) of businesses in the UK are already committed to wellness programmes at work. However, if you are not sure how to begin, our corporate wellbeing programmes  will instantly get you started on improving employee wellbeing. We give you a professional solution and access to expert resources.

The four pillars of wellbeing, physical, emotional, social and financial form the backbone of our employee wellbeing programmes.  We have two ways of helping you depending on your budget and objectives.


The Bespoke Option

Your Employee Wellbeing has been creating bespoke wellbeing programmes for more than a decade.  We listen to your objectives and budget; get an understanding of your business, your employees and where they are on their life journey.

Using our team of experts, we will then suggest a robust programme of support.  These will include some or all of the following elements:

  • Live talks and presentations on topics of your choice from our comprehensive list

  • Recorded video and audio presentations

  • Access to our exclusive library of support resources provided by experts

  • An exclusive co-branded portal for your company’s exclusive use

  • Discounts on wellbeing services provided by our experts

  • Invitations to Your Employee Wellbeing round tables

  • Copies of limited-edition wellbeing reports

The Standardised Option

We understand the importance of employee wellbeing for all companies.  We also recognise that a bespoke solution may be out of the reach of many small to medium sized businesses.  Therefore, we have designed a programme of support aimed at SMEs

Your Employee Care makes corporate wellbeing programmes are aimed at businesses with smaller budgets and up to 100 employees. accessible to all businesses. Our Enhance, Enrich, and Thrive packages allow you to choose the right package for your business and its people

Benefits of Working With Your Employee Wellbeing

Our corporate health and wellness programs will unlock your team's productivity by helping them find happiness and confidence. We have thousands of resources to help you find greater success.

  • Adult wellness, wellbeing & happiness

  • Child wellness, wellbeing & happiness

  • Childcare  & schooling

  • Elder and dependent care

  • Family matters & employee financial wellbeing

  • Work/life wellbeing

By empathetically delivering home and working life solutions, your workforce and business can thrive.

Your employees will:
  • Achieve a better work life balance
  • Benefit from better wellbeing and increased selfcare
  • Be better armed to effectively navigate working family challenges
  • Have non-work-related pressure alleviated
  • Save time when requiring care or schooling solutions

Contact us to discuss, how with minimal financial outlay, Your Employee Wellbeing's tailored solutions will create a programme of rewards with maximum benefit to your employees.

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