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Throughout the year we look at wellbeing topics that may be affecting employees and create small value for money packages of talks.

To find out more about the talks in our 'Supporting Employees Back into the Workplace' package get in touch with our team.

Supporting your employees back into the workplace

Mental health charity, Mind has found that 60% of adults have said their mental health has got worse during the COVID lockdown; AXA has found 64% of people have seen an increase in stress levels and 81% have a poor or low state of mind. An anxious state of mind does not make a productive employee or leader. What employees need now is reassurance and help.

We have created a package of three talks designed to help your employees transition back into the workplace, or settle into their new normal.

Our three hand-picked talks to support your employees back to the workplace are:

  • Leading your teams back into the workplace - how to help your teams cope with returning to the office.

  • Time management for parents returning to the workplace

  • Coming out of lockdown - help with anxiety for employees and their families

Mental health in the Workplace

Your Employee Wellbeing has a range of talks designed to support the health and wellbeing of the people who work in your business.

We have curated three talks specifically related to mental health, so you can proactively show support for your employees.

Our three hand-picked talks to support your employees' mental health are:

  • Managing stress - how to make stress work for you and build resilience to thrive in life

  • Are you on the road to burnout?  Managing stress to prevent reaching that destination.

  • The impact of stress on your body - how to reduce it.

To find out more about the talks in our 'Female health & wellbeing' package get in touch with our team.

To find out more about the talks in our 'Female health & wellbeing' package get in touch with our team.

Female health & wellbeing

Women face unique challenges throughout their lives.  Occasionally, this can lead to isolation and feelings of loneliness and despair.  

As an employer you can help support your employees as they navigate these times of their lives, for which they will be grateful and in return more productive.

We have selected four of our female-focused talks for you to choose from:

  • Talking menopause

  • Feeling guilty?  How to reclaim your confidence.

  • Your fertility journey: for all parents in all circumstances

  • Weight management: It's all in the mind

By booking Your Employee Wellbeing talks, your organisation will positively impact the lives of your employees, and in return, you will benefit from their ability to channel their energy and focus.

Your employees will:
  • Achieve a better work life balance
  • Benefit from better wellbeing and increased selfcare
  • Be better armed to effectively navigate working family challenges
  • Have non-work-related pressure alleviated
  • Save time when requiring care or schooling solutions

Contact us to discuss how Your Employee Wellbeing can create a tailored solution designed to support your employees to ensure your business thrives.

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