Create A Workplace Wellbeing Policy

  • Reduce Absenteeism

  • Reduce Recruitment Costs

  • Increased Productivity, Collaboration & Creativity


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Creating an employee wellbeing strategy for your company or organisation is incredibly important. However, making a staff wellbeing policy can seem like a daunting task, particularly if you are a business owner,  lone or small team of HR professionals, or even working for a large business without a clear wellbeing policy in place

Our quick guide will give you an overview of how you can start to create an employee wellbeing strategy for your business.

Our Guide To Creating A Wellbeing Policy

  • Analyse your current position

    • Where are you on the wellbeing curve and where do you want to be?
    • Evaluate existing data & initiatives, gather new info
    • Understand your strengths, weaknesses, gaps & priorities
  • Define your vision, goals and principles

    • What will wellbeing mean, look and feel like?
    • What are your principles and goals?
    • Is your business case compelling and sustainable?
  • Create Your Plan and Measurement

    • What framework will you use to help plan and communicate?
    • What are the key planks of the plan and how do you know?
    • Is it integrated, coherent and measurable?
  • Build Capabilities

    • Create a dynamic engagement, launch and wider comms plan
    • Develop internal networks to support, e.g. wellbeing champions
    • Identify partners to help deliver, e.g. trainers and coaches
    • Develop tech capabilities, e.g. intranet, apps & diagnostics
  • Launch, Deliver And Evaluate

    • 2 pronged approach – focus on people & their environment
    • Engage, educate & empower
    • Focus on the journey, not one-off interventions

Why Staff Wellbeing Is So Important

It's worth recognising from the outset that an employee wellbeing policy is mutually beneficial. We believe the benefits of supporting the wellbeing of your employees include:

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Increased productivity, collaboration & creativity

  • Improved retention rates

  • Reduced presenteeism

  • Increased staff engagement & motivation

  • Becoming an employer of choice

We know the life challenges faced by your employees will affect their productivity in the workplace. If they struggle to cope you will see an increase in sickness and absence.

By introducing a workplace wellbeing strategy, you demonstrate that you want to support your employees.

Actioning Your Wellbeing Strategy

Your employee wellbeing strategy will be a positive commitment to protecting and improving your team's work-life balance. The most significant impacts are made when you encourage employees to engage with promoting a healthy workplace.

We would always recommend an employee wellbeing strategy is delivered in a top-down fashion.  Having senior team members promoting the wellbeing programme and actively involved in its delivery will instill confidence in your employees that the company really does care.

Behaviour changes rarely happen overnight, and your team's feedback will be crucial as you move forward. You should plan for regular management reviews and remain responsive to changes.

How Will A Wellbeing Strategy Improve My Business?

You will improve staff morale, which positively affects productivity, creativity, and a willingness to collaborate. A well-thought-out employee wellbeing strategy can also improve your staff acquisition and retention rates.

In conclusion, always be:

  • Strategic. Ensure a whole organisation approach – proactive in both support AND prevention that is linked to vision and values, modelled from the top down.
  • Human-centric. Display an authentic recognition that people are your most important asset and consider wellbeing across all four pillars – social, emotional, physical and financial.

 Your Employee Wellbeing can help you write an effective employee wellbeing policy for your business.

Contact us to discuss, how with minimal financial outlay, Your Employee Wellbeing's tailored solutions will create a programme of rewards with maximum benefit to your employees.

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