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Childminders are a popular choice when choosing childcare, as many parents want their child to be cared for in a home environment. Parental Choice will help you find a childminder close to you who can provide care in a family environment.

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Childminders provide care outside of or in the home. If you are looking for childminders in my area, then we can help you find and choose a childminder. Because you are looking for quality care for your child or children, you should look to establish a special relationship between you and your childminder.

Childminders are a popular choice because:

  • of the special relationship that can be established between the parents and the childminder;

  • of continuity. As a child gets older they may access a pre-school or maintained nursery prior to starting mainstream schooling. These are usually half day sessions and by continuing to use the services of a childminder to offer the wrap around care, parents are ensuring that their child has continuity of care. This continuity is important for the relationships/attachments that a child forms with carers other than their parents;

  • a childminder can also continue to care for the child once they have started full time school, where the school day is often shorter than a normal working day and where the holidays are longer than most working parents can access; and

  • they are frequently parents themselves and this usually brings comfort when leaving your baby in the care of another person

Selecting the right childminder will help you give your kids continuity of care as they get older. Your childminder will be able to offer wrap-around care, as they join a pre-school or a maintained nursery. Often, pre-schools and nurseries are conducted as half-day sessions, so childcare afterward is still required.

Once your child is at school, you are likely to need a childminder still. Working parents have a day that is often longer than school hours and school holidays are longer than those of parents. So, when your child reaches school age, they will need an after school pick-up and afternoon care. If required, you will also be able to find a weekend childminder.

Choosing a childminder

Choosing a childminder is an important decision. Actions you should take and the resources and tools available to find me a childminder include:

  • Ofsted report – ask the childminder for their Unique Reference Number (URN) and you can source their inspection report from the Ofsted website

  • Ask other parents for feedback and references

  • Visit to the childminders premises

  • Use your own instincts

By using a combination of these, you will be able to establish if this is the person with whom you can build a business working relationship, as well as a very personal one. Many childminders have children of their own, so you can take confidence from this.

Having a childminder is an essential part of your child being able to build relationships and bonds with carers other than their parents. It is also vital for young children to experience forming relationships and attachments with people of both sexes, so you should consider couples who provide childcare as a business, and such they are gender positive role models.

Childminder costs

Child minding costs vary, but they are generally more expensive in inner London, outer London, and the east of England. Childminder costs are also slightly higher for children under the age of two.

If you are searching for registered childminders near me, we are here to help.

Questions to ask when choosing a childminder

  • Ask to see their daily/weekly routine. Watch out for a childminder who is rarely at home if you have made this choice for a home-care setting.

  • Ask for the childminder to describe what and how they plan for the children in their care. They should tell you that they observe the children to see what they know and can do, and what they are interested in, before planning what to do.

  • Ask about the type of activities that are on offer to the children. Ensure that these are ‘experiences’ rather than product producing. Remember that babies and young children need to explore and investigate using all of their senses in order to build connections in the brain.

  • Ask if they are registered for Nursery Education Grant funding. This could help you with finance once their child is three years of age.

  • Ask what schools or nurseries they drop-off or pick-up from. This might have an effect on whether they can drop-off or pick-up from your chosen nursery or school in the future.

We know that choosing childcare can be tricky. Let us find the perfect childcare for you.

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