How can men help women feel safe?

The perennial question of how women can keep safe when travelling independently has been a huge focus of media attention following the tragic death of Sarah Everard, and a rise in street harassment following the coronavirus lockdowns. However, a communal effort to combat this culture of fear can empower women to return to public life without constantly...

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Safety, online pressures and unhappy children

Safety, Online Pressures and Unhappy Children If you were asked to list items that make children unsafe, what would you say? Obviously, many parents would create an unending list of dangerous toys, strangers, bullies, and safety concerns hiding in our homes and flats. After all, we have read the dangers about choking hazards, toys made with lead...

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Staying Safe on Halloween and Firework Night

Staying safe on Halloween and bonfire night Parental Choice sought advice from Roma Feldstein at Safe and Sound on staying safe on Halloween and Bonfire nights. She shared her knowledge and tips on what to look out for when buying costumes for Halloween and what to do in the event of a burn injury, the safe use of sparklers and fireworks and how...

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