Being an expat during the Coronavirus crisis.

Being an expat during the coronavirus crisis Moving overseas is a highly stressful experience at the best of times but the coronavirus crisis has increased many expats’ difficulties considerably. Straight into isolation? It’s hard to imagine how you’d feel if you had only just arrived in a new country, with very little idea about how everything...

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Reverse Culture Shock

Reverse culture shock Reverse culture shock describes the phenomenon of ‘culture shock’ in reverse, i.e. the difficult feelings people experience when they return home after having lived abroad. Initial happiness may give way quickly to dissociation, isolation, boredom, sadness and even depression. Unlike culture shock, which tends to be widely...

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Parental Choice partners with m2r Education

News Release  Parental Choice announces partnership with m2r Education Parental Choice and m2r Education are delighted to be collaborating for the benefit of relocating international educators. Statistics show that 40% of international assignments fail and that expats cite ‘not feeling at home’ as a key reason for unhappiness. This partnership...

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All change – settling relocating kids

All change – settling relocating kids When I first expressed my concern to friends and family about how our kids (then aged 3 and 6) would cope with our forthcoming move from London to California, everyone was quick to reassure me how adaptable children are. In reality, it turned out that uprooting ourselves from our little patch of West London...

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