Health and Safety for Working from Home

Health and Safety for Working from Home Whilst some industries have returned to work, many businesses are continuing to work from home in line with government advice to reduce the risk of infection and to protect their employees. Whether homeworking is a temporary or permanent solution, there are several Health and Safety responsibilities that...

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Annual leave and furlough leave

Annual Leave and Furlough Leave – a guide for employers and employees During this time of covid-19 there have been so many changes in the world of work that it is understandable that so many people are finding the new legal landscape difficult to navigate.  A question that many people (both employers and employees) have been asking us frequently...

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Changes in law for employers of nannies

How is employment law changing for small businesses and employers of nannies In April, the Government usually issues changes in the income thresholds or changes in the minimum wage. There are usually also minor tweaks to employment law which employers should be aware of, whether by statute of through case law. April 2020 is no different. Here...

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