Let the half-term fun begin!

Since the government’s easing of lockdown restrictions since May 17th, hugs and holidays are back – with many UK attractions welcoming visitors back through their doors. The easing of restrictions opens more opportunities for activities and days out this May half term with your children. The rule of six- or two-house household restrictions...

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5 Top Safety Tips For Women

Written by Hasina Rahman – Owner of Pink Diamond Martial ArtsAs women, we are more likely to come across unwanted attention or become a target of various attacks. Every time I check the news, there are always horrific cases of abduction, rape, and attacks. My name is Hasina, I am the founder of a female-only combat club called Pink Diamond...

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Why I’m happy mental health is more of a talking point today than ever before

Written by Chris Daems from Cervello In the past few decades we’ve made significant jumps forward in so many aspects and areas of our lives.  We’re generally healthier and live longer than previous generations. We’ve never been more connected. We’ve got access to amazing amounts of knowledge. Prior to the pandemic we had the ability to...

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Nature and wellbeing

During the first lockdown being allowed to go outside once a day became an essential part of getting through the day for me.  ONS data reported that 52% also found that exercising outside helped them cope in the lockdown.  But it is not just exercising that brings benefits. Nature has a significant impact on health. Studies have...

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Menopause for thought

Of all the curveballs life has to throw at us, menopause has to be up there as one of the most challenging. It appears just when you might be sensing a relaxation of the demands of children and your career is reaching new peaks. But since half the population will go through it at some point, why is menopause a taboo topic, or worse, something to...

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Reflexology, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy -all alternative treatments that we have heard of, if not tried.  But there is another type of therapy that you may have dipped your toe into without even realising.  Ecotherapy aims to improve your health through engaging in outdoor activities in nature. There are a multitude of ways that this can take...

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Mental Health After Covid

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Polly Collingridge, our international wellbeing resource associate has looked at employee mental health after covid. The mental health of the nation – of all nations – has suffered during the pandemic. At the same time, we have experienced a global paradigm shift in our ways of working. As lockdown eases...

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Mindful living

5 Ways To Stay Present

Pay attention to your thoughts: Feed all your senses: Use all five of your senses to bring you back to the present, instead of allowing yourself to be governed by your thoughts. Doing this stops any unhelpful rumination and reminds you that what matters most is what’s happening right in front of you, in the moment. Try the 54321 Technique: Close...

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