Destressing at the end the working week

De-stressing at the end of the working week Written by Ella Writer  It seems that we spend the whole working week yearning for the weekend, and then when the weekend finally arrives it feels like it’s gone with a click of the fingers. For families, Monday to Friday can be just a period of time that you need to get through, so it is important that...

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How your style can boost mood and productivity

The power of style How your style can not only boost your mood, but also your productivity Whilst it goes without saying that what we wear isn’t the biggest concern right now, it’s hard to dispute the transformative power of clothes. Getting dressed each morning serves as a psychological boundary to separate between bed and business mode, and...

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Men’s health and wellbeing

Men’s health and wellbeing Poor mental health is something every person may have to deal with, regardless of age, gender, sex or other. However, it is time to talk about men’s mental health more often. Men go through many of the same struggles that any other human may go through, especially when it comes to the balance of being a great parent...

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Spotting The Signs

Samaritans Awareness Day is held on 24th July each year.  It is an opportunity for the organisation to highlight the amazing services they provide to help people in dire need and to raise awareness of suicide prevention. The sad truth is that suicide remains a significant issue in the UK, with suicide facts and figures from the Samaritans...

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How Do You Prepare to Care for Your Elderly Loved Ones?

People in the UK are living longer and as a result, the elderly population has grown significantly. Whilst this is obviously a good thing, it can also create challenges. As you get older, you are more likely to need additional health and social care. So, what is considered ‘old’? Typically, anyone over the age of 65 is considered to be an...

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What is hybrid working?

Flexible Working. It isn’t a new term and has, for many years, had a place in employment law where it has offered a right for certain employees to request flexible working which the employer can then only refuse on reasonable grounds.  To make a flexible working request the employee must have worked for at least 26 weeks for the employer and...

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Cancer And Work: 3 Mistaken Assumptions

Written by Barbara Wilson from Working With Cancer The statistics are frightening: half of us will face a cancer diagnosis during our lifetime. In the UK, there are almost a million people of working age living with cancer, so the continuing and very welcome increase in survival rates (in the UK, taking all cancers together, survival for...

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The best type of staycation for YOUR family

By Claire Winter from Families Magazine Many of us will be making the most of the sights closer to home this year as we holiday here in the UK. But who knew there was so much to see in our own countries? From glorious beaches, to remote wilderness, gorgeous villages to busier cities, there truly is something for everyone. But how do you know...

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The Guilty Parent Syndrome

By Dr Jan MacGregor Hepburn, article contributed from Families Magazine. As a parent, do you feel constantly guilty? About what you’ve said/done or not said/done? If so, you’d be forgiven for thinking that guilt and parenting must be inextricably linked. And you would be right! BUT they don’t have to be. There are three factors to consider,...

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