Your nanny can work in your home during the lockdown

With the many changes and uncertainties that have come from COVD-19, parents are unsure about the rules surrounding childcare. Social distancing rules restrict travel and people outside the family entering your house. So, with all that in mind, can a nanny come to work in your home? The government has now clarified the rules, and if you are happy to have a nanny in your home, they can come to work.

Is it OK for a nanny to go to work?

As the government has confirmed it’s allowed for nannies and childcare providers to travel to their place of work, your nanny can come into the home as usual. As the workplace of a nanny is usually the home of their employer, they can not work from home. Due to this, it is OK for a nanny to travel to their place of work.

As you are the employer of the nanny, it is essential to remember that you will need to do everything you can to protect the health and well-being of your employee.

Some rules should be followed under the Public Health England guidelines:

  • If someone at home has symptoms, members of the household and anyone coming in such as a nanny should self-isolate
  • A nanny should not work in a home that is isolating.
  • Wash hands more regularly, particularly when arriving at work and returning home.
  • Disinfect regularly touched surfaces and objects
  • Maintain social distancing as much as possible

Can I hire a nanny during the lockdown?

Some jobs can’t be done from home, and if you find yourself in this position, you may need childcare. As the government has specified that nannies can travel to their work, you can hire nanny while schools or nurseries are closed.

At Parental Choice, we have several highly experienced nannies available to work immediately. Our teaching assistants and nannies can take care of your children while you are work. Many people are now finding themselves in need of help with childcare, and we have been able to match clients with the perfect nanny.

Our nannies are available temporarily with weekly assignments and fixed fees. You can hire a temporary nanny to take care of the children now and stop the arrangement once schools and other facilities reopen.

Parental Choice can help with the whole process from finding the right nanny to managing payroll.

If you have furloughed your nanny and want to bring them back to work, we can help with the process of coming off furlough.

Contact Parental Choice today to find out more information on how we can help with the best childcare solutions.

Parental Choice Family Care are experts at finding the perfect childcare solution.

We can help with your short-term needs, should you want a nanny or TA to help you get through the coronavirus crisis, or a long-term solution.

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