5 Top Safety Tips For Women

Written by Hasina Rahman – Owner of Pink Diamond Martial Arts

As women, we are more likely to come across unwanted attention or become a target of various attacks. Every time I check the news, there are always horrific cases of abduction, rape, and attacks.

My name is Hasina, I am the founder of a female-only combat club called Pink Diamond Martial Arts. I teach MMA, Muay Thai, and self-defense to girls and women.

Here are my 5 main points to women’s self-defence:

1.  Being aware of your surroundings

Having your headphones in or talking on your phone automatically makes you more vulnerable. You are not aware of anything around you, therefore making you an easier target.

Stay in well lit areas and walk down busy roads where possible.

2.  Use your voice

Don’t be afraid to raise the tone of your voice, let others around you know you are uncomfortable and sometimes shouting “fire” can create alot of attention

3.  Strike if needed and escape

If you are in a situation where someone has grabbed you, use your keys or phone as a weapon. The strike is called a hammerfist. You hold the item in your fist and use it in a hammer action. If the attacker has a close front grip, strike to the side of the head. As soon as you get the opportunity, run away from the situation to a busier area.

4.  Groin kick

This kick is the most common kick, but if the attacker can see it coming, he can stop it. This should be more of a surprise attack, where they don’t see it coming. If executed well can be a great self-defence move.

5.  Have confidence and stay calm

If you start to panic, the attacker most likely will too. Give eye contact, usually attacker’s do not like eye contact. If they want your handbag or phone…let them have it. It’s definitely not worth risking your life!

The one thing that will give you an advantage? Being physically fit. Whether you love running, weight training or combat sports…stay fit.

I would also recommend attending self-defense workshops with qualified instructors that have a variety of training experience.

Remember, panicking clouds our judgement and decisions. This is when our body goes into threat mode. We want to be able to control the situation in a calm manner, if we can.

Try practicing breathing techniques at home during stressful moments. Try breathing in for 5 counts, hold for 3 counts and breathe out for 5 counts.

Be safe and stay strong!

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