Top Ten Most Outrageous Job Benefits Ever

Have you ever wondered if the grass is really greener on the other side and if you are missing out on perks dished out at other organisations. While most people will tell you that this is rarely so, there are some instances where companies have offered outrageous benefits for employees as they attempt to set the bar for workplace wellbeing.

Here we look at the top ten most outrageous job benefits ever.

1. Egg Freezing For Career-Driven Women

First, Facebook and then Apple offered up to £13,000 towards egg freezing for female workers. Businesswomen reacted both positively and negatively towards the perk. Whether you believe this is a benefit that intends to support career-dedicated women with workplace wellbeing or a blatant attempt to pressure female staff into delaying starting a family will likely determine your response.

2. Naked Fridays

Dress-down Fridays have been appreciated by many and go some way to relieving work pressure and ensuring better workplace wellbeing. However, Onebestway, a Newcastle-based marketing firm, went one step further.

3. Botox Injections And Tanning Beds

Chesapeake Energy, an oil and gas producer, offers an entire booklet filled with medical services and created onsite facilities where workers can receive Botox injections or work on their pre-summer tan.

4. Beauty Budget

We know appearances are important, and software and systems engineering firm, 2HB, feels the same way, offering a monthly beauty budget of £35 for pedicures, haircuts, and manicures.

5. Beer Cart Friday

Advanced Medical encourages their employees to start the weekend early with an open beer cart. Whether this perk supports health and workplace wellbeing are likely down to the individual and how strongly they embrace the initiative.

6. Free Las Vegas Holiday

Once a year, staff at Freeborn and Peters are asked to pack their suitcase and bring it to work. One lucky employee is then picked at random and immediately sent on holiday to Las Vegas.

7. Concierge Service

S.C. Johnson provides access to a concierge service for all 12,000 of their employees. Staff can send out their laundry for dry cleaning or have someone pick up a package for them. With this workplace wellbeing initiative, the work-life balance is addressed by ensuring a day off is for relaxation, not chores.

8. Pet Insurance

Scripps Health clearly recognise the stress an unwell pet can cause its owner. With vet’s bills covered, pet and employee wellbeing take centre stage.

9. Free Daily Organic Lunch

A chef-prepared organic lunch keeps the employees at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition healthy and well-nourished.

10. Rainbow Slides

Google is the master of creating benefits for employees. Attempts to ensure workplace wellbeing include providing rainbow slides, never-ending food, massages, haircuts, in-office scooters, and video games.

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