The best type of staycation for YOUR family

By Claire Winter from Families Magazine

Many of us will be making the most of the sights closer to home this year as we holiday here in the UK. But who knew there was so much to see in our own countries? From glorious beaches, to remote wilderness, gorgeous villages to busier cities, there truly is something for everyone. But how do you know what type of holiday will suit you best?

The explorer

Does your family love to explore new places and run a little wild and free? If so, camping could be for you. Although it does require a lot of preparation, meal planning and organisation, it is also a fantastic way of stripping back your life and focusing on the bare essentials. Fresh air and exercise will really benefit your kids, whilst, for adults, venturing out with necessities only can provide a luxurious sense of freedom. Meanwhile, nature provides a wonderful backdrop in which to switch off from the stresses and strains of a year in lockdown.

Don’t forget to plan some outside activities – games, marshmallow toasting and more!

The luxury-lover

Looking for a trip away where you chill and treat yourself? Why not try an all-inclusive resort or family friendly hotel that will make you feel pampered but also has lots of facilities for the children? These can be a little more expensive than other options (and are popular too!), but they are perfect for detaching yourself from the routine of itineraries and meal planning. You can join in activities with your family and hopefully grab time to yourself too.

The practical holiday maker

Sometimes a simple staycation is best. No need for luxuries, but no need for sleeping in a tent either! Take the middle road with a self-catered caravan, flat or cottage in your prime location. Although you will need to spend money on food supplies and petrol, you’ll have the ultimate flexibility. This means you can be a little more spontaneous. Plus, you can use the money you saved on accommodation to splash out on a delicious meal or outdoor activity!

There are endless options for making the most of this summer, so don’t limit yourself to your first idea. Mull it over with your family and research what fits best within your budget. As long as you’ve got good company, your staycation will definitely be one to remember.

Five things to take on a staycation

Beach Towels. Perfect for lounging around on the beach, having a dip in the pool or a lake. No matter what your staycation, beach towels are a must!

Wind-breaker jackets. You’ll be lucky if you don’t catch a breeze when holidaying in the UK! Pack jackets that are both waterproof and windproof to keep you warm and dry in unpredictable weather.

A portable BBQ. It may not be an essential, but you’ll have some very happy faces when you whip up some delicious burgers and hot dogs on one of these! A great way to end the evening on a beach.

A picnic hamper. Whether your break is short or long, food is vital. Taking a hamper will ensure everyone stays hydrated, nourished and happy on even the most active of days.

Games. A holiday isn’t a holiday without some fun entertainment. Whether you want to play cricket on the beach or card games by moonlight, don’t forget to pack something light-hearted that all the family will enjoy.

2021 Staycation Trends

Outdoor Dining

We certainly won’t be shying away from eating al fresco this year! When arriving at our desired staycation spot, chances are we’ll be heading out to enjoy the local cuisine. Outdoor dining will be more popular than ever, as we all bask in the luxury of being outside in company again. And it is the perfect way to people watch or enjoy peace and quiet, depending on your preference.

Pop up experiences

Temporary food stalls, pop up camp sites and activity-based experiences are popping up all over the place. It’s no surprise since they are versatile, moveable and offer something new for a limited time only. This sense of urgency is enough to act as an incentive to many of us. After all, who wants to miss out?

Escaping the routine

More than any other year, Brits are craving time away from their usual routine. Staycations will be all about escaping the four walls of home, with many people opting for expansive, nature-fuelled environments that trigger the ultimate sense of freedom and excitement.

With thanks to Families Magazine for the contribution, this article was originally published in their print magazine.

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