Poor employee wellbeing = poor retention levels

New research by Benenden Health has shown that 42% of employers have experienced an employee leaving because they felt their mental wellbeing was not being looked after. Wellbeing is a clear priority for younger members of the workforce, with a whopping 78% of employees aged 18-24 saying they would look for a new job if they felt their mental wellbeing was not sufficiently supported by their employer. Unfortunately, although 58% of employers said they genuinely care about their staff’s mental wellbeing, this message does not appear to be getting across as only one third of employees surveyed felt this to be true.

Money is tight for many employers at the moment but spending on measures to enhance employee wellbeing ultimately saves on recruitment and training costs, as well as keeping existing employees feeling more motivated and therefore more productive.

Luckily, there are affordable ways for employers to show employees they care. Parental Choice’s new PC Employee Care packages have been designed for SMEs of varying sizes who want to help their employees but have a limited budget. For as little as £100 per month + VAT, employees gain access to a membership only portal full of specialist curated information and signposting in the form of factsheets, webinars and podcasts. Discounts can be accessed on a wide range of professional services for the employee and their family across the four pillars of emotional, physical, social and financial wellbeing – from life coaches and nutritionists to fertility clinics and will writers. In addition to supporting employees, PC Employee Care is also there to support SMEs create a sustainable culture of wellbeing through podcasts, roundtable events and best/next practice reports on wellbeing initiatives and strategies.

A heavy workload and a work-life balance that is out of kilter are two key reasons for unhappiness in the workplace. PC Employee Care can help members save countless hours trawling the internet as all our information is in one place, as well as facilitate the resolution of the issue that sent them there in the first place. By providing a benefit such as Employee Care, employers are also encouraging those important conversations about difficult or taboo topics (such as mental health and money troubles) by showing the employee that they recognise they have a life beyond work that they value. Employers may be tempted to put a wellbeing strategy off for another day but, in the era of Covid, they do so at their peril.

Parental Choice wellbeing programmes are designed with all employees in mind, not just those with families.

For small businesses, up to large international corporates we have a solution for you.

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