National Work Life Week

National Work Life Week takes place between 11 to 15 October 2021.  It is the charity Working Families annual campaign designed to get employers and employees talking about what can be done to get the best work: life balance for both.

The last eighteen months, as we’ve all had to readjust and reset our working patterns time and again, have been tough for everyone.

Whether it’s parents and carers in your team who’ve had to juggle delivering against deadlines with caring for little ones or older family members, or line managers who’ve had to support teams while managing their own workload and home commitments.

It’s been exhausting, frankly, and as we negotiate our own ‘new normal’ of work amidst lingering uncertainty about what the winter will bring it’s more vital than ever to put wellbeing at the heart of building back from COVID.

That’s where National Work Life Week comes in. National Work Life Week, run by national charity Working Families and going strong for over 10 years, is the best possible excuse to spend some time with your teams talking about wellbeing, good work-life balance, and how to rebuild a workplace that allows everyone to thrive both at work and at home.

After all, it doesn’t just make sense for individuals: an organisation staffed by people who feel seen and who are able to balance family and work effectively is an organisation that will retain more staff for longer, attract the most diverse talent and see increased productivity.

The charity’s research for their #FlexTheUK campaign this summer showed that 69% of working parents would choose to apply for a new job advertised as flexible over one not. And 83% of parents want employers to do more to create flexible jobs without waiting for the government to intervene.

We have some great resources to help with a better work-life balance.

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Check out for more information on National Work-Life Balance Week.

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