Men Can Live Longer!

Men can live longer! There are a now neighbourhoods in the UK where men can expect to live to about 90 years on average. These areas are, perhaps unsurprisingly, very affluent as well as few and far between. But they prove something very significant: Too many men still die early One big problem is that men generally take too many risks with...

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Why men struggle to open up in the workplace

Why men struggle to open up in the workplace Doing well at work is a goal for many men, no matter what their profession might be. But while they may be unapologetic about their ambitions, they’re likely to be quieter about how they’re feeling in the workplace. Here, we talk through some of the reasons men struggle to open up. They’re taught to...

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How Nature Positively Affects Our Mental Health

Connecting with Nature is the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week on 10-16 May 2021 – with the aim to inspire more people to connect with nature and notice the impact that this connection can have for their mental health. During lockdown, millions of us turned to nature for our daily exercise. According to The Mental Health...

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Men’s health and wellbeing

Men’s health and wellbeing Poor mental health is something every person may have to deal with, regardless of age, gender, sex or other. However, it is time to talk about men’s mental health more often. Men go through many of the same struggles that any other human may go through, especially when it comes to the balance of being a great parent...

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Stop, look, listen – men’s mental health

Stop, look, listen….advice on men’s mental health Man to man advice on men’s mental health by Brian Ballantyne Talking about mental health I was talking to another man this week, and we got onto the subject of mental health. I said that I was comfortable talking about mental health, and he commented that it was interesting that we often give this...

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Why International Mens Day?

International Men’s Day 2019 November 19 is International Men’s Day. A day when the world focuses on the health and wellbeing of men. Men are traditionally poor at seeking help and talking about their own health and that of those around them. D&I professional Brian Ballantyne looks at International Men’s Day Last week I had the experience...

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