Men’s health and wellbeing

Poor mental health is something every person may have to deal with, regardless of age, gender, sex or other. However, it is time to talk about men’s mental health more often.

Men go through many of the same struggles that any other human may go through, especially when it comes to the balance of being a great parent while juggling their career. We’ll look at a few of these struggles and look at why men’s mental health is important to understand.

Depression and anxiety in men

Depression and anxiety in men is prevalent. 9% of men suffer from symptoms of depression and anxiety and about one in three of those men take medication to manage their symptoms.

But the problem is, a lot of men don’t talk about this. The number of men affected is probably much lower, and that’s because sometimes when men talk about it, they’re usually not taken seriously.

They can be told to “man up” or in the worst case, their feelings are utterly ignored.  Therefore a lot of men don’t even talk about their feelings. This sort of stigma has continuously built up a wall between men and mental health, and it is time to tear it down.

While there are men’s health champions, campaigning to raise the profile of mental healthcare for men, it’s only recently been accepted an accepted topic for open discussion. With cultural barriers, societal stigma, and more, the conversation about depression and anxiety is not one that men are always willing to have.

The conversation, however, needs to be changed. Men’s mental health and wellbeing is extremely important in today’s day and age, and it is time that we provide men with an outlet and opportunity to discuss their struggles with their mental health, whether that be feelings of anxiety, depression, or anything else.

Helping single fathers

Single fathers may especially struggle with poor health and wellbeing.

From figuring out childcare for their children to just finding time to spend with them while juggling everything else, being a single father can take a toll on many men.

The problem is, a lot of men don’t get the help they need and feel they have to put on a brave face for their children, even if they’re struggling. The truth is, reaching out for help is one of the strongest things a person can do. It will not only allow them to find ways to cope with emotions they are facing, but it will also create a space and environment for their children to understand that reaching out is beneficial. Asking for help and getting the help you need will give you the strength to be there for others.

That’s why, for fathers and single men alike, getting the mental health help that they need is integral.

More than just mental health

Taking care of your body is great, but having good mental health will give your body and mind the balance it needs to live a well-rounded lifestyle.

From depression to anxiety to aggression, men can struggle, and if there is nobody to talk to, it may not create the space required to alleviate the symptoms.

Creating a balance of mental health and physical health is extremely important.  The two can affect one another. If your physical health is poor it can cause your mental health to deteriorate as well, because you don’t feel good about your body. On the other hand, if you’re struggling with your mental health it may not give you the mindset or motivation to take care of your physical health. However, there are many ways to take care of both and give yourself the space to strive.

Find someone to talk to

As we have already mentioned, one of the main barriers to helping men with their mental health and wellbeing, is the stigma around talking to someone.

When men reach out they may feel as if they are not taken seriously.

While things are improving, on occasion, when opening up about their feelings they are either met with some sort of derisive comments or that they don’t have a space in society to even discuss their mental health.

Talking to someone is extremely important because having someone listen to your feelings will give you the space to work through what is going on.

That’s why, therapy can be useful for men. It gives them an outlet to express their feelings, and it can help when the going gets tough.

Even if you just need to talk to someone about the stress of work, or taking care of your children, or trying to get by as a man in this world, someone to talk to is really important, which is why therapy is beneficial.

Online therapy can work

2020 and 2021 have been challenging for everyone with everything from work to birthday parties taking place virtually.  So, it is no surprise that talking therapy has gone virtual.  This can be advantageous to those men who find the prospect of opening up ‘in person’ challenging.

Online therapy is possibly the best therapy for men because it offers a more private engagement with someone. 

Remember, your feelings are valid. By seeking out mental assistance, you can be the best person you can to be, wherever you are on your life’s journey. 

So there’s the September-challenge for all of us working parents: there are so many similarities between little ones at school and us older ones at work that we can learn from each other as we go. And the next time you are out shopping for new school shoes, buy yourself a pair too!

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