Pride for families

Pride month for families LGBT pride month is a celebration of the LGBT community and a recognition of what has been achieved, and what is yet to be achieved when it comes to LGBT human rights. Pride month tradition started in the 1970’s, when cities began hosting events to commemorate the Stonewall Riots in the United States. 2019 was the 50th Anniversary...

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Redefining Conventional Families

Redefining conventional families There was a time when everyone could tell you what an ‘average family’ was. A Mum and Dad and 2.4 children (never quite understood that number myself) were the norm and every TV advert featured a stereotypical family of four with matching hair colour. But what is a conventional family now? Is there such a thing...

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LGBT and Diversity – a corporate example

LGBT and diversity – A corporate example To understand how LGBT inclusion features in into a Diversity & Inclusion strategy we asked our corporate Partners Northern Trust to give us an insight as to what they are doing … Northern Trust is a global financial services firm, employing 18,000 people across the globe. We work hard to ensure that...

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