How to help children through the anxiety of the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus reports are everywhere, so your children will inevitably have heard about it. With so much news surrounding the virus, it can cause anxiety. So how do you help children through the anxiety of the Coronavirus?

Here we share some tips to help you talk with them, and what to do to help calm any fears they may have.

Talking to children about the Coronavirus

As with anything, talking about it can actually help calm anxiety. So, don’t avoid the subject altogether, as this will likely increase your child’s fears. If you are wondering how to talk to kids about Coronavirus, here are some helpful tips:


Take the lead from your child

When you sit down to talk about Coronavirus with your kids, take cues from them. Let your child tell you what it is they are worried about. What is it about Coronavirus that worries them most? Be prepared to answer the questions they have but don’t try and lead them to specific questions. The goal of the conversation is to avoid them developing frightening scenarios in their head and focusing on them.

Don’t make the subject off-limits

The news about the virus is everywhere, and your children may have seen people wearing masks, so they will want to talk about it. Avoiding the conversation and ignoring the subject can have a negative effect. If you don’t discuss it with your kids, it can actually make them more worried. Having a conversation with your children helps them to feel informed about what is going on and will help them feel less anxious.

Keep the conversation age-appropriate

You know the level of understanding your child has on subjects, so keep the Coronavirus talk appropriate to their developmental level. Answer any questions they have honestly and fully but don’t over complicate things. Also, don’t leave things too vague or simple. If you know your child has a good understanding of varied subjects, then give them as much information as you think they can understand.

Best ways to talk to kids about Coronavirus

After you have covered all their concerns, then you can go over what you can all do to stay safe.

As we know, the virus is mostly transferred from touching surfaces or coughing, so thoroughly washing hands is essential. Remind your kids that they are taking care of themselves and preventing the spread of germs by washing their hands. If your child says they want to wear a face mask, then let them know they are not necessary. It is not an essential thing to wear a mask to prevent Coronavirus, but some people choose to take that extra precaution.

One of the best ways to deal with children’s anxiety about Coronavirus is to stick to your regular routine. For the moment, keep mealtimes and activities at your regular times like you usually would. If the school or nursery shuts down, follow the same meal times and bedtimes as you would if they were attending school.

If your child has been showing signs of anxiety surrounding the Coronavirus, it’s best to keep talking. Let your kids know they can come to you and discuss any worries they have. Let them know you will share with them any information you have. If there are questions you don’t have answers to, then assure them it’s OK, and you will let them know more when you have the information.

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