Discover how a happy and motivated workforce can enhance your business

Everybody wants to be in a job they love. Some have found it, and some are still striving for it. But how do you, as an employer, create a happy and motivated workforce? Just as crucially, what are the benefits it can have on your business?

Recognise your worker’s progress

Appreciating your workers’ efforts is vitally important and contributes significantly to a team’s engagement and productivity.

However, progress means different things to different people. Some forms of development are measurable against set goals, such as making sales or completing training to expand their learning and advance their skills. Progress can mean taking on additional responsibilities, personal growth, or enjoying work and the feeling of making a difference.

It is vital to understand your employee’s motives to tailor goals to the individual, which might be considerable achievements or small steps. Progress might take the shape of horizontal career growth, where the worker gains experience in complementary areas.

There are many ways to recognise your workers’ progress to ensure their engagement levels remain high. You might offer a pay rise, bonus, or promotion to an employee who wants to work their way up the corporate ladder. Alternatively, gift cards, comp days, or other employee benefits can be a great way to show recognition.

The crucial thing to do is to say thank-you as workers increase their value to your organisation. Public recognition or celebrating work anniversaries can be extremely motivational. And the flip side? Research has shown that almost half of employees surveyed would leave a company that didn’t praise or thank them enough. The link between recognition and motivation can’t be underestimated.

Be flexible and consider their home life

It can be hard for employees to juggle workplace stress with their own stress and the daily pressures of family and friends. When you consider a worker’s home life and offer flexibility with their hours, you will have a less stressed workforce and fewer conflicts among co-workers. Furthermore, flexibility has for a while been shown to result in greater productivity.

You can strive to provide further control and ownership over the structure of their life, through options such as remote working from home – something that vast numbers of workers have experienced during the ongoing pandemic and that many now want to continue to benefit from in the future.

There are also many other ways to be flexible and create a better work/life balance. These include providing access to exercise, assistance finding suitable childcare, wellness benefits, a part-time schedule, community engagement opportunities, a quiet thinking space, and the option for unpaid time off. You should also be flexible and consider age because some of your older employees are the most dedicated and experienced.

When you take a flexible approach and consider the home life of your employees, you will become an attractive employer and acquire the best talent. You will also retain the talent you have nurtured.

Make them feel part of the team

Feeling part of the team and community of workers is vital to employee happiness and loyalty, and therefore vital for the success of your business. You can improve inclusion by frequently communicating, involving team members in decision making, and encouraging collaboration and participation. If you allow your workers to share their knowledge, you are showing them that you value their opinion.

Rewards and compensation can build a team spirit when you reward teams, or the entire workforce. Recognition, feedback, and constructive advice all sow the seed for an engaged and inclusive team.

Provide training

Training has long been the secret ingredient to employee happiness and improved employee satisfaction. As an employer, you embrace training to help your people advance their careers or be prepared to capitalise on future opportunities. They can enhance their skill set through traditional training and job swaps, which develop highly-beneficial cross-functional teams. You can support learning financially or by offering time to train.


Parental Choice works with businesses to help improve productivity, motivation and staff retention. We do this through bespoke wellbeing programmes and support services for working parents and those with eldercare responsibilities.

Parental Choice works with businesses to support their employees who have childcare or eldercare responsibilities.  We do this through helping them secure long-term dependable childcare or finding care homes for the elderly, all supported with a programme of wellbeing talks and presentations to provide emotional strategies designed to help with the challenges of juggling a family and a career.

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