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With the ever-changing workplace environment and widespread uncertainty in the world of work, Enterprise have continued to put their Employee and Customers’ wellbeing at the heart of their strategy. Passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion, Leigh Lafever-Ayer (Vice-President Human Resources) demonstrates this in practice with a plethora of interventions that reflect Enterprise’s values, particularly their statement:

“Our Doors Are Open -we embrace the differences that make us successful and unique”
Leigh Lafever-Ayer

Enterprise focuses on meeting the needs of the community whether that’s mental health and disability support or introducing financial wellbeing and education. These values have remained consistent over the company’s evolution. Leigh Lafever-Ayer explains how Enterprise provides an umbrella of services that can be accessed when required in order to be there for every employee as their career grows, ‘from lugging backpacks to briefcases’. In the current times, the health and safety of employees is their primary concern and attests to how the company can reassure their employees that their working environment is safe and supportive; for example, revamping their curb-side service to ensure the safety of both employee and customer or the company’s Complete Clean Pledge to their customers.

Whilst risks to workers’ health from physical hazards still exist, injuries to employees have decreased significantly since the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 was introduced. However, there’s been an increase in the number of reported mental health issues over the past decade, and it is acknowledged that in the majority of cases, the predominant risks to people’s health at work are psychological. A strong employee wellbeing programme can build and sustain high morale and demonstrate the business values of their employers, reducing the risk of employees falling victim to mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. However, only 45.2% of UK companies offer workplace wellness schemes. Nevertheless, with a recent report suggesting the average number of annual working days per staff member lost due to absenteeism or presenteeism has risen from 23 to 30, many more companies are being pushed to invest in wellness.

The impact of COVID-19

The implications of the current virus outbreak for everyone’s health and wellbeing during and after the pandemic are significant, including their mental health. As well as worries about becoming ill, many employees are isolated while working parents have to juggle caring responsibilities and work. So, being ahead of the curve, Enterprise had already implemented a range of wellbeing strategies for their employees – for example, granting access to factsheets on Anxiety, Stress Management and Meditation. In the future, the company plans to transition the focus to health benefits, fitness and other more ‘traditionally thought about’ services in order to maximise their positive working environment.

Parents in the workplace

The lack of good quality, affordable childcare is widely viewed as one of the main barriers to work for parents, particularly for mothers (according to the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee 2003) so it’s imperative that support is offered to parents in the workplace in order to eradicate these barriers. Enterprise has been part of The Times Top 50 Companies for Women and in the Top 10 Social Mobility Index since its inception. They have received the Business in the Community Race Equality award for Recruitment (and were shortlisted again in 2020) and BITC Race Equality Leadership award in 2017. These incredible accolades shine a light on the outcomes of putting your employees’ wellbeing first.

Enterprise and Your Employee Wellbeing

Since working with Your Employee Wellbeing over the last three years – a company devoted to supporting wellbeing in the workplace – Enterprise’s employees have been granted access to a real magnitude of support for parents on campus through the Wellbeing portal. The Your Employee Wellbeing creates webinar talks each year; factsheets on childcare and eldercare; searches to find childcare and eldercare, as well as an interactive nursery map to show good and outstanding nurseries located around their Egham headquarters. 

In the current circumstances where the dynamics of the family home have changed dramatically, parents have been taking advantage of the available support mechanisms such as the Mental Health First classes. There are also many helpful resources for when employees return back to work in a hybrid world such as Time Management talks in addition to webinars on A to Z of Childcare and Cost of Childcare. Leigh Lafever-Ayer found that the flexibility and responsiveness offered by Your Employee Wellbeing, as well as their services, helped Enterprise look after their customers and employees and were highly beneficial to the company.

Going forward into times like these, it’s never been more important for employees’ happiness to underpin both their work and home life as a result of the new connection between them. Enterprise, having maintained longstanding values and wellbeing practices for their community, will continue to hold their employees’ welfare in the highest regard.

Your Employee Wellbeing works with businesses of all sizes.  Our programmes make a difference to businesses by supporting employee wellbeing.

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