Educating for the future

By Arpana Valji from Families Magazine

The World Economic Forum recently stated that 65% of today’s jobs will be non-existent for the children that entered primary school this year. The workplace of the future is going to be looking for communication skills, growth mindset, creativity, and resilience.

The schools that will equip our children with these skills are those that are focused on the following aspects of education.

Independent learning

Children need time to think and work independently on tasks, to explore and follow their passions. The focus on testing and exams means that not all schools can prioritise this.

Discovery and collaboration

Children need even more opportunities to learn about and initiate collaboration. The opportunities for global connection today are endless and children need to learn the art of working creatively with others.

Integral and immersive

It’s proven that 90% of the facts you memorise and regurgitate in a test will be forgotten. Learning can be more effective when it’s the result of a more immersive experience like making a video or a drawing.

Reducing stress

“Success” in education is currently defined as doing well in standardised tests. Testing as a whole can increase stress and have impact children’s mental health. Some schools are introducing mindfulness, yoga and meditation as extra-curricular options, but to have a lasting positive impact, they should form part of the regular curriculum.

Creativity and passion

Frequently, the school curriculum does not offer children enough opportunities to discover and pursue their passions. The more access children have to alternative and creative activities at school or in after-school clubs, the better. When children find something they truly enjoy doing outside the classroom, they are one step closer to unlocking a happy work-life ethic in the future.  

Adaptable teaching styles

How does your child learn the best? How can your child’s school accommodate this?  You can support your child differently outside of school too. For example, if they’re really struggling at maths, turn this learning into a fun game or challenge.

Celebrating teaching

School staff are frequently over-worked, under-paid, and under-valued. Teachers and teaching staff are surely most motivated when appreciated and supported by the school and by parents. A simple thank you is a wonderful start!

Arpana Valji is a parent and founder of, a learning platform that teaches children how to build core life skills, develop, grow, succeed and be happy. 

With thanks to Families Magazine for the contribution, this article was originally published in their print magazine. You can read the latest article here.

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