De-stressing at the end of the working week

Written by Ella Writer 

It seems that we spend the whole working week yearning for the weekend, and then when the weekend finally arrives it feels like it’s gone with a click of the fingers. For families, Monday to Friday can be just a period of time that you need to get through, so it is important that when it comes to the weekend you can use that time to be able to de-stress, relax and refresh yourself for the next week.

What you decide to do with your weekend is completely down to personal preference and what you and your family enjoy doing, but here are some ideas for what you could do so that you get the most out of your weekend and can begin the next week with a spring in your step.

Get away to a spa

There’s nothing like being pampered at a spa. Enjoy the relaxation of a massage, the energising effects of a facial or the luxury of a treatment. Going to a spa doesn’t mean that you have to go on your own, however. You could also visit to a family-friendly spa hotel, where you can swim, eat healthily and recharge your batteries in the company of those you love the most.

According to experts at Lab Spa in London, “Massage encourages blood circulation, carrying the necessary nutrients to your tissues to repair and re-energise… Just by relieving stress alone, massage can help to lower blood pressure and anxiety as well as manage pain.” In other words, go and get a massage even if you can ‘t spend much time at a spa – it’ll be great for you!

Turn off the tech and get outside

Whether it is work emails, spending time on social media or sitting in front of the television, spending lots of time with screens isn’t healthy. You don’t need the added stress of trying to deal with work problems when you’re not at work, so try to keep your use of technology to a minimum.

Getting outside always gives our mood a boost and going for a walk or spending some time in nature is a great way to let off some steam – both for you and for your children! A lot of people spend the week sat inside, in front of a computer screen, so why not try turning off the TV and getting outside for a little while over the weekend then see what effect it has on you and your family?

Get quality family time

There aren’t many families which manage to spend a lot of good, quality time together during the working week, so try to make sure that you do over the weekend. Doing something together (it doesn’t have to be expensive – or even cost anything) is a great way to relax and de-stress as well as bond as a family. Some ideas include a long walk in the woods, visiting the park, going to a free museum, ice skating, a bike ride, gardening together, even house cleaning together is a great bonding activity.

Meet up with a friend

If your weekends are jammed full of clubs and groups for your children to attend, try to find a space in the day when you could meet a friend for a cup of tea and a chat. It might be whilst they are at guitar club, dancing lessons or football training. A chat with a friend can be a great distraction from your stressful life and give you a chance to vent if you need to.

Spending time with your friends can remind you who you are as an individual – not just a parent, employee or manager – which is great for your confidence, ego and mental health in general.


Many people talk about how they hate cooking. Actually, what they hate is the necessity to cook, in limited time, and food that everyone in the family will eat. Cooking food you love, in your own time is actually very pleasurable for many people. Cooking without pressure is a great way to de-stress, enjoy being in the moment (mindfulness) and give you the freedom to be as creative as you like.

You could invite friends or family over for food, plan a special family meal or a date night once the kids are in bed. With a special meal, you can treat yourself to some great food, maybe a little drink and then relax with the people who you love spending time with.


It can be difficult to get motivated at the weekend after a long week both at work and at home, but by planning some activities which will help you to de-stress and spend quality time with your family, you will find that you are ready to start again on Monday with vigour and renewed energy.

Ella Hendrix is a versatile freelance writer, currently covering articles on family psychology, elderly care children’s behaviour.

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