Crafting With Kids: Arts and Crafts That Can Help Enhance Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

Arts and craft activities can be beneficial to the development of young children. Moreover, doing crafts with your little one can also strengthen your bond. In the UK, 76% of parents said that their children regularly take part in art clubs outside of school. While there are significant costs that come with being in an art club, these parents are aware of the many positive effects that arts and crafts have on their children.

Benefits of Arts and Crafts

Experts believe that there are several benefits of introducing the arts in early childhood. Apart from helping children’s emotional and spiritual development, it also helps to enhance a child’s fine motor skills which will serve him well in his adult years. Moreover, doing arts and crafts can help children express themselves, become more creative, and be more confident. Here are several arts and craft activities that can help enhance your child’s fine motor skills.


Whether it’s hand sewing a simple apron or finishing a project on a sewing machine, this arts and craft activity can increase your child’s finger dexterity and encourages patience, imagination, and problem-solving skills. Try teaching your child a few basic stitches or letting them practice cross-stitching on a piece of gingham fabric. Kids as young as five years old can try hand stitching, while those who are eight years old and up can use a sewing machine with supervision.

Play Dough

Playing with clay, salt dough, or play dough is suitable for children from six months and up. This activity strengthens hand muscles and helps promote creativity. Try making your own dough with flour, salt, and water and adding a few drops of essential oil, glitter, or food colouring to make the play dough even more interesting for your child.

Finger painting

Younger children who have yet to master holding a paint brush will love this activity. This is another arts and crafts activity that can strengthen your child’s hand muscles, and it also teaches kids about colour and shape relationships. For kids who love to put their hands in their mouths, you may want to try making some edible finger paint by mixing a bit of food colouring into a pot of yoghurt or pudding.


Weaving not only improves your child’s fine motor skills, but it also helps develop coordination, hand strength, and grasping skills. Cut pieces of colourful paper into long strips for your child to weave into a map, or have your child weave strips of cloth to make a small rug.


This activity encourages children to use their pincer grasp to strengthen their hands. Have your child thread multi-coloured beads on a string to make necklaces or bracelets. You could also have your child fill a small transparent jar with beads to make a nice decorative gift.


Encouraging your child to do arts and crafts enhances your little one’s fine motor skills, which will help him do more complicated tasks as he gets older. Try any of these activities with your child today.

Thanks to Jackie Edwards for this article.  Jackie started her career in the health sector, but after becoming a mum refocused and decided to spend more time with her family. When she’s not writing, she volunteers for a number of local mental health charities and also has a menagerie of pets to look after.

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