Celebrating a child’s birthday during the coronavirus outbreak

Birthday parties are incredibly important for children, especially if you put on a party for your children each year. However, with the current coronavirus crisis and social distancing, you will not be able to invite your child’s friends around for a party, and of course, this means no hugs from friends.

Don’t be worried about your child getting upset because you can still have a child’s birthday party during lockdown and make this event extremely special. The first thing you should do when raising the topic of a postponed physical birthday party is to reframe your conversation to focus on the positive things you will do instead.

You can begin by talking about how great it will be to see the faces and hear the voices of their friends, grandparents, and other relatives on video chat.

You should plan ahead of time, and we have a few ideas if other ways your child can celebrate their birthday.

Host a virtual birthday party

Your child might find it quite exciting to plan a virtual birthday party. There are many platforms over which you can conduct a virtual birthday party, including social media messaging apps and conferencing apps like Zoom.

For the young children many party entertainers are offering virtual themed parties.  Early into lockdown this story of a family creating a Frozen themed party hit the news.

You can get your child excited about the virtual party by ordering birthday hats, glasses, or costumes to create a party atmosphere. You can ask the parents of your child’s friends to do the same and ask them to share photos of gifts wrapped up and in transit.

To ensure the party is a hit, you can ask parents to make something special for their children to eat. Don’t forget to order or bake a birthday cake, so your child can blow out the candles and make a wish.

You can ask each child to prepare a talent to show off during the virtual birthday party. These could include magic, singing, dancing, reading a poem, or joke-telling. You can also find online versions of classic birthday games or the latest multiplayer games for everyone to play.

Create a birthday picture show or video

If a virtual birthday party is not practical for you, then you can get your child excited about taking photos and videos to share online afterwards. You can decorate the house and garden, plan and record a treasure hunt, have a dance party, or get your child to prepare a baking show.

Birthday wishes

While abiding by the social distancing guidelines, you can ask grandparents and friends who live locally to walk by your house as part of their once a day outside exercise. The children can make a happy birthday sign, or if grandparents prefer, they can do a drive-by in their car and pip the horn.

Cancelling birthday parties for children does not need to ruin their birthday. Remember, it is all about making your child feel special and unique.

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