Month: August 2019

Learnability quotient – The new superpower

Learnability quotient – The new superpower We have been accustomed to thinking of life in three stages – education followed by work followed by retirement and then some sunlit years until we die around three score years and 10. Many of our cultural norms both at work and on the home front have been designed around this three stage model. So,...

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All change – settling relocating kids

All change – settling relocating kids When I first expressed my concern to friends and family about how our kids (then aged 3 and 6) would cope with our forthcoming move from London to California, everyone was quick to reassure me how adaptable children are. In reality, it turned out that uprooting ourselves from our little patch of West London...

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Back to school, back to work

Back to school,back to work I still remember the nervous excitement of the first day back at school in September after a long, summer break: meeting my new teachers, seeing my classmates after a long break, the (slightly stiff) feeling of the smart new shoes and uniform. And now as a parent, I re-live this every year with my 2 children. Wouldn’t...

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